Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Who is Camp David?

Washington D.C- Whitehouse aides are this morning desperately trying to play down rumours that the President is conducting a secret extramarital affair.

The latest gossip inside the Beltway is said to involve the President's frequent visits to a "friend" known only as Camp David.
Whitehouse aides are said to be furious that news of the President's sleep overs have leaked beyond the trusted inner circle of the Oval office and into some of the nation's seedier publications.

One magazine has even published pictures of the President relaxing at Camp David's secluded hideaway. Little is known about the man known only as "Camp David" but Washington hacks say he has been on "intimate" terms with more than one President.

Many in the GOP are said to be seriously considering asking the President to either finish his friendship with Camp David or resign from office.
One Republican insider who wished to remain anonymous told me "We just can't have a Christian President tainted by the foul stench of man on man bum love.
How will we ever get those Christian fanatics to vote Republican again if they know their commander in chief is indulging in all out faggotry?"

What these damaging allegations will mean to the embattled President is still unclear.Most commentators are now saying the reaction of the First lady is vital to the Presidents future.If she plays the Tammy Wynette card and stands by her man he may just ride out the storm of pink controversy.

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