Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Mclaren expects stern test in Andorra

Barcelona- At a chaotic press conference this afternoon the England manager Steve "Ginger comb-over" Mclaren declared that he expects the mighty footballing power of Andorra to give his England side one of the sternest tests they have yet faced.

The ginger supremo told reporters he fully expected the Andorrans to press the ball and put England under pressure from the start "I have watched the Andorrans and they are probably one of the best sides in the world, even though results in the last ten years have mainly gone against them, so I will be happy to get a point from what I believe will be a very tight game."
Reacting angrily to suggestions that his team were a cosseted set of fragile prima donas Mclaren said "That's absolute rubbish!! They have proved that by promising not to go out for a drink before the game and Rooney even promised me I could have his shirt after the game so I don't know where you get all this fragile Madonna stuff from."

England are expected to field a revolutionary 5-5 formation in the hopes of stifling the Andorran attack and of taking home a hard earned point.

Mclaren talking of his thinking behind the new formation said "We know they are going to put us under a lot of pressure for long periods in this game and to make sure we dont crack I've been working very hard on our midfield movement and I dont want to count my chickens but yesterday I think gerrard recognized frankie lampard!! So I'm hopeful that we have at last sorted out our midfield problem.

Whether Mclaren's claims to have fixed England's faltering midfield are true or not will be seen wednesday night in the heat of the battle against the mighty Andorrans in Barcelona's Olympic stadium.

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