Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Cheney denies he was 60's Penguin

The office of the Vice President Dick Cheney today announced that the allegations that have surfaced in some sections of the media claiming that the Vice President played the super villain known as The Penguin in the 60's TV series of Batman are ridiculous.

The story first seemed to have appeared late last week on the Internet and has since gained credibility by appearing in major newspapers around the world such as the New York Times, Le Monde and the Doncaster Gazette.

Sources close to the Vice President claim the he is extremely upset by the vicious unfounded rumours and is considering legal action against any publication that reprints the allegations.

When Mr Cheney was recently asked about the story, while attending a dinner in aid of The Society for the advancement of short fat evil people, he was reported as saying, "Arrgghh, it's lies, lies I tells ya, lies, arrgghh"

Even though Mr Cheney's denials have been duly reported, the story continues to grow, only last week a retired cameraman who worked on the show told the New York times, "At the time he was on the show he was proud and pleased to have a place to hatch his evil plots, if he is ashamed of his involvement now, well that's pretty sad, cos it was a great show."

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