Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Is Charles Kennedy on the bottle again?

Westminster - Friends of ex Liberal democrat leader, Charles Kennedy are said to be "extremely concerned" by the flame haired politician's recent bizarre public behaviour and pronounced slur, which many commentators in and around Westminster believe cannot this time be simply explained away by party spin doctors as "ebullience" and a "charming Scottish brogue".

Concern for the amiable Scot reached new heights, after last weeks shambolic appearance on BBC One's Question time, on which Mr Kennedy appeared to be unshaven and was seen to be rambling incoherently throughout the hour long programme.

At one point during the show when asked by David Dimbleby, the semi royal host of the show, his views on the question of Scottish independence he answered by saying, "What the fuck do I care?, I live down here with you sassanach bastards now, Scotland can go fuck itself!, I love you Dave, your my best mate."

Dimbleby continued valiantly throughout the programme to minimize the Scot's input, but this only led to an unsteady Kennedy getting to his feet and declaring between sung verses of the Proclaimers hit "I would walk ten thousand miles", that he had, had enough of this "Shitty" show and was leaving.

Reginald Thrustle, head of the pressure group Alcohol concern, told me after viewing the tapes of last week's show that, "Mr Kennedy's behaviour could indeed be interpreted as showing all the classic symptoms of excessive alcohol abuse, but of course one does have to take into consideration Mr Kennedy's Scottishness, which in part could account for most, if not all of the bizarre behaviour exhibited."

Whether alcohol was to blame for Mr Kennedy's latest behaviour or not, it still leaves the one time Liberal supremo in the political wilderness and also looks set to cast even more doubt on the Liberal democrats claim to be a serious political force.

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