Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Real Madrid sign new "wonder kid"

Madrid- Earlier Today the Chairman of Spanish giants; Futbol clube de Real Madrid announced to members of the world's waiting media ,that after intense negotiations with the player's Brazilian club, they had finally captured the signature of the fifteen year old Brazilian winger Queirinho Asse.

The club Chairman Senor Ramon De Pocahahontas; beamed with undisguised delight as he presented the slightly effeminate young star with his new shirt and proclaimed Queirinho's new squad number would be the famous sixty nine; worn by none other than Real Madrid club legend Antonio "fat lightening" Rodrigues.

The Chairman went on to say during a question and answer session with the assembled media that, "I have been after young Asse ever since I saw a video of his slinky hipped style and the way he wouldn't so much pass on, but caress any balls that were delivered to him."

The club are believed to have paid in the region of twenty million pounds for their new star and the Chairman has promised fan's they will be drooling after seeing the new star's balls.

The Chairman went on to say, "After finally getting rid of some unused baggage from our right wing we felt it was time to give our fans a dribbler; a player whose balls, while not yet golden, will, I believe in the fullness of time mature into a fully golden state."

The shy young star refused to take any questions at the press conference but did after being urged by the chairman; take out a ball and show the fans and media what they can expect to see in the years ahead.

Afterwards a delighted Ruud van Nisetelroy said, "I'm very excited by the clubs new signing, since Beckham has been out the team I've really missed his balls, and I'm looking forward to feasting on Quierinho's balls in the very near future.

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