Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Obama comes out fighting against black allegations

Senator Barack Obama last night appeared at a hastily arranged photo op at the Washington DC hospital for very sick poor black kids, to furiously deny rumours circulating in the press that for a period sometime in the late nineties he was black.

Holding a very sick poor black child, the Senator steadfastly refuted the allegations stating "This story is absolute nonsense, I have never been a black man and have no intention of ever being so." He also quickly added "Not that there is anything wrong with being a black man."

Commentators inside and outside the Beltway are waiting patiently to see how far the Senators denials go to soothing the storm of controversy surrounding the light skinned candidate.

An unnamed source at Republican party headquarters was immediately quoted on the news wires as saying, "If these allegations are false, as the senator claims, why hasn't he put forward his full CD collection for public scrutiny?"

Democratic campaigners have rushed forward to say a candidate's taste in music is entirely a personal matter and should not be made a part of the campaign by the right wing media.

Only time will tell if the charismatic light skinned second coming can side step this latest obstacle in the path to the White House.

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