Tuesday, 13 March 2007

China vagina problem solved

For many years now western medical science has been trying to get to grips with the slippery problem of traditional Chinese vagina. The problem vexing western minds for the last 2000 years has been how to convert the traditional format of Chinese vagina to one that would easily accommodate a western penis.

As the world leading expert on china vagina syndrome; Dr Malcolm Sutton of the London school of tropical medicine told me, "You see the problem with Asian vagina is its positioning, in the west we are used to dealing with the traditional half past six position and the problem with Chinese vagina is that it is positioned at a quarter past nine, making it virtually impossible for mixed race couples to achieve a full and satisfactory love life.

But experts in the field now believe the conundrum has been solved thanks to the application of modern technology, a team of doctors and engineering experts working at the world famous John Hopkins hospital of vaginal medicine in the United states have developed a revolutionary new device that when fitted over the traditional Chinese vagina makes it possible for a western member of average size to easily penetrate the bamboo enigma.

One couple I spoke to who were part of the early clinical trials for the device told me how for years they had struggled with the problem of china vagina and were at one point seriously considering divorce, the salvation of their twenty year relationship came in the form of an invitation from the team working on the problem to test the new prototypes of the device.

Mr Harrison the delighted husband told me, "I was sceptical at first, we had tried every device on the market and still hadn't been able to achieve full penetration, but as soon as we got the new China vagina prototype, bingo!! I was up her like a rat up a drain pipe."

So it seems that the age old problem of east/west relationships has finally been solved by the enterprising work of a small but dedicated team of cuntologist's from the world renowned John Hopkins hospital of vaginal medicine.


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