Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Swastika slave girls in Argentina's no escape brothel camps

Buenos Aries- The proud Argentine nation may be best known for the Tango, Evita, beef and cheating soccer midgets.
But deep underneath the garish azure skies and various Nazi Juntas lies possibly the darkest secret of all.

Newly declassified documents from the capital's Archivos documentales muy secretos have revealed the existence of a network of super secret Nazi brothel camps. The camps known as "Campos de la putas" were frequented by the armed forces top brass and even members of Argentina's 750 post war governments.

The horrific sex camps were established sometime after 1945 and scattered across the nations vast pampas grass lands.
The "Bitch camps" were filled with female opponents of Juan peron's "Sunshine and beef" fascism and staffed by members of Argentina's elite Tango del muerte commando unit.

Female prisoners were made to wear regulation lingerie and fed only on oysters and secret sex vitamins manufactured by the infamous Nazi war criminal Dr Ernst Shitclitz (who had been living in Argentina since 1951 under the name Juan puta.)

The existence of these camps was highly classified and admittance restricted to members of the ruling juntas and visiting dignitaries.
Once such visiting dignitary, Henry Kissinger, was so impressed by the camps that on his return to Washington he urged the then President, Richard Nixon, to to establish American versions.
Though the American versions were never built largely due to the Watergate debacle; the idea did live on and was successfully adapted by Halliburton in war torn Bosnia.

The Argentine camps continued to function as depositories of VIP sperm until well into the eighties when Argentina's smallest bitch camp was liberated by British troops after the fall of Port Stanley during the Falklands crisis.
British commanders were so shocked and turned on by conditions in the liberated bitch camp that to this day soldiers who witnessed the utter sexiness of the camp steadfastly refuse to fully reveal the horrific details of the south Atlantic's dirtiest secret.

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