Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Keanu Reeves to play table

Hollywood - One of Hollywood's hottest stars, Keanu Reeves, is set for the role of his life in Sony pictures eagerly awaited new blockbuster The Table.

The two hundred million dollar project is the story of an ordinary family's kitchen table and of the myriad heart-warming and sometimes sad tales that it silently witnesses as it passes lovingly down through the generations, and with Keanu set for the title role, Sony pictures are sure they have backed a winner.

Head of Sony Pictures new project development team, Senior Vice President Aaron K Goldspink, told News direct that, "When I was brought this project, the first name I thought of was Keanu, I said if anyone has the range and subtle talent needed to pull this off, it has got to be Keanu Reeves."

Reeves well known in Hollywood as one of the greatest proponents of the "inanimate" school of acting was said to be thrilled at being given the opportunity to stretch himself in a very demanding role.

The buzz round the studios is that if Reeves manages to capture the stillness, and the essential woodeness required in this part, he will be a certainty for for the best actor Oscar that has so far strangely eluded him.


Patrick said...

Oh i can't tell you how much this made me laugh. See, now THAT i'd pay to see him in.

Kristi @ Addicted*2*Decor said...

That's hilarious!