Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Edible animal found in Paris!

Paris- Confusion reigns in the French capital tonight as the shocking news that an edible animal, that does not appear to be on any menu, was found within the city limits.

Early reports emanating from the French capital appear to suggest the animal is some sort of delicious quadruped.The as yet unnamed beast was apparently spotted, late yesterday afternoon, wandering unbasted among the flower beds of the Tuilleries gardens in the centre of the city.

The shocking spectacle soon drew a crowd of curious Parisians who stared in wonder at the unknown ingredient and argued amongst themselves wether it should be fried in garlic or roasted with thyme.

Officers from the capitals elite ingrédient mystérieux squadsoon arrived on the scene and took the beast into culinary custody.The animal is now being held in the main detention kitchen deep in the bowels of city hall; while a team of specially trained chefs rub herbs on it's back and decide the correct way to cook the beast.

The mysterious appearance of the animal has shocked the usually stoic Parisians and the issue is quickly turning into a political scandal.

As one outraged resident furiously told me "Zut alors! zis is unthinkable!! How can it not be on any menu? I blame Chirac he is too busy making fuck with pretty girls no? He don't care that we have some sort of a unknown ingredient wandering around the city. It's a day of shame and a day I hoped never to see."

The government have been quick to assure Parisians that they are working hard looking for suitable recipes for the mysterious animal and will endeavour to keep people informed of the ongoing situation.

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