Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Shock Obama is black revelations

The normally sedate world of Washington DC politics was today rocked by allegations that the presidential hopeful senator Barack Obama of Illinois was black.

Late last night republican party activists posted a series of photographs on the internet that purportedly show the senator some time in the late 1990's being black.

An unnamed republican source told this reporter that, "The photographs were obtained late last year from a god fearing republican, who plainly has the interests of the nation at heart, and do indeed appear to show the senator sometime in the 90's being afro in a built up area."

Only time will tell if these damaging allegations will derail the "Obama express", the mood proliferating in democratic circles appears to be one of wait and see.

When this reporter personally telephoned the senator's office an unnamed spokesperson for senator Obama did have this to say. "I think anyone who remembers the 90's will recall what an extremely hot decade it was and with the senator having very fair skin it is possible that the photos may indeed show him with a slight brownish tinge"

Outside Washington undecided voters were taking a measured response to the sensational news, when questioned by this reporter about the issue, a Mrs Betty Rockport of New York state said "I don't normally decide this early in the electoral process which candidate I'm going to vote for, but if these stories are true it would certainly make me think twice about voting for him."

So it looks like we will just have to wait and see if this Ghandi like presidential hopeful can successfully leap the latest hurdle on his path to the White House.

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