Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Shock as Britney's vagina announces it's going solo

The world of popular music was today thrown into an unprecedented state of turmoil, as the vagina of the "Teen" singing sensation Britney Spears announced plans for a solo career.

The news has stunned the music business, even though for years it has been an open secret in the business that much of Britney's huge success was actually due to her vagina.

A clearly shocked spokeswoman for Ms spears, announced earlier today that the rumours of a split between Britney and her vagina are indeed true and went on to say "Although Ms spears clearly regrets she can no longer have a working relationship with her vagina, she whole heartedly thanks her vagina for its many years of service and wishes it well in all it does in the future."

Sources close to Ms Spears record company claim that all has not been well between Ms spears and her vagina in recent years, one of the major reasons for this parting of the ways is believed to be Ms spears ill fated marriage to Kevin Federline.

It has been reported in several newspapers that when Ms Spears vagina heard of her impending nuptials it remarked bitterly to friends "what's she need another cunt for?"

As for the chances of success for the vagina's solo career that remains to be seen, but industry sources who have heard the vagina's solo efforts claim that the vagina has achieved something that has eluded Britney for a long time now, namely credibility.

This could give Ms spears vagina the vital edge in breaking into the mainstream adult contemporary market.

So keep your eyes peeled next time you are out shopping folks, you may just see Britney's vagina sitting proudly on the shelves of your local Wal-Mart.

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