Sunday, 1 April 2007

Notorious Nazi war criminal spotted in Brazil?

Sao paulo- From the beaches of Rio De Janeiro to the depths of the impenetrable Amazon basin the whole of Brazil, and indeed South America, seems to be talking about the latest unconfirmed sightings of the infamous Nazi war criminal Dr Ernst Shitclitz.

Dr Shitclitz, now believed to be in his nineties, was apparently spotted by an undercover team of Mossad agents in the small provincial town of Vasco De Gama, in north eastern Brazil, late thursday night.
Dr Shitclitz, Father of Hitler's war time ladyboy plan and founder of Argentina's post war network of secret bitch camps, was reportedly looking in good health and was said to be chatting amiably to regulars in a small German bar frequented by ex pats known as "Die Berchtesgaden bier kellar"

The secret Israeli team tracking Shitclitz believed they had found their man and were about to make an arrest, when a friend of the "fugitive" spotted the ornate Yarmulke sported by one of the undercover team and alerted Nazi Germany's most fiendish genius to their presence.

In the confusion and turmoil that followed the man believed to be Dr Ernst Shitclitz grabbed his nearby zimmer frame and slipped quickly out the back door of the bar.
Locals in the small close knit community are reluctant to talk about the man they have come to know as "Dr Joao Puta" and all requests for interviews by the press have been refused.

One local man who only would talk under the condition of anonymity told me "Dr Puta has lived here for a long time probably since the late sixties. He is a well respected doctor and was well known for giving free treatment to the poor. There are many shemales here in town who could never have afforded the price of breasts, but he treated all who came to him, thats why I cant believe such a good man is this war criminal you speak of."
The Israeli's certainly believe they have the right man and have already applied to the Brazilian government for an extradition order in the name of Dr Joao Puta.

Many in Vasco De Gama still refuse to believe that the saintly Dr Joao Puta is the infamous Nazi doctor and claim his Teutonic sounding accent is simply a terrible speech impediment he acquired as a younger man while saving kittens from a local river for a group of handicapped children.
So until the saintly Dr Puta is found and possibly tried the world will still have to wait to learn just what did become of the mysterious Dr Ernst Shitclitz.

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