Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sarkozy claims his bitch

Paris- The streets of Paris were eerily quiet this morning as news of the election victory of Nicholas "Le prince of darkness" Sarkozy was announced to a stunned and fearful population.

The normal hustle and bustle of one of the world's most cosmopolitan capitals has been replaced by shuttered up shops and the hideous realisation that the nation is now ruled over by a Neo con neophyte who has promised to make his idol Baroness Thatcher look like "A playful right wing kitten"

Mr Sarkozy, speaking from a secret lair deep beneath the labyrinthine streets of Paris, moved quickly to dispel the population's unwarranted fears and declared "Although I am now your dark overlord and as such demand the total cooperation of all people in my dark schemes, you should not fear me, fear only my vengeful wrath."

President Sarkozy's election defeat of the dour socialist housewife Segolene Royal was strangely enough forecast over four centuries ago by the famous seer and prophet Nostradamus who said in the thirty third quatrain of his master work "Things that will happen (probably)"

In the year of seven and two thousand the beast shall defeat the maid,
and all of France will tremble and fear be shared
before the power of the man they call "La tete de merde"

President Sarkozy's first big political test is set to come in July with the elections for the national assembly. Plans have already been put in place to begin rounding up political opponents in mid June to spare the President and his minions the arduous task of fixing yet another election.
Yves choix de satans, the presidents newly appointed world bank advisor has already stated that the new administration expects their own 911 event quite soon to give the new president the pretext he needs to enact the country's new security laws and bring them into line with the other nations already mired in the darkness of Neo con rule.

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