Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Beckham to head new F.A shirt sales drive

London- There were scenes of total panic in the football associations Soho square headquarters this week as monthly shirt sales reports showed a massive down turn since every ones favourite show pony was dropped from the F.A's regular ninety minute televised adverts.

Soho square mandarins were said to be so alarmed by the drop in profits that a courier was immediately dispatched to Madrid to try to persuade David Beckham to participate in England's next scheduled shirt sales drive, against the best selling yellow shirts of Brazil.

Terry Finch of the Football association's maximise profits committee told me earlier today "Yes it's true that since the World cup sales have been down and our change of advertising direction does not seemed to have worked the way we hoped it would. Beckham was a brand people liked and I think we changed our strategy too soon by focusing our sales drive on younger unproved sales talent such as Aaron Lennon, Wright Phillips etc.
But we here at the F.A are not the type of people who can't admit to mistakes, that's why we have decided to feature Beckham in our next ninety minute special against Nike's best seller. It should be interesting to see who will come out on top of this eagerly awaited titanic struggle for global shirt supremacy."

Beckham was said to have been delighted to be asked to participate in the much anticipated sales extravaganza as he believes the world should have a chance to see his latest hair cut before he departs Europe for the unsophisticated North American sales division.
The Football association are taking a massive gamble by going back to the old "look it's Becks!" advertising strategy as qualification to next year's European sales championships is looking increasingly like a far fetched dream.
Indeed this new advertisement feature against Brazil may be the F.A's last attempt to see the type of sales one would expect from a blue chip brand in today's increasingly competitive global market.

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