Monday, 28 May 2007

Chavez closes RCTV

Caracas- The streets of Venezuela's capital were last night scenes of confusion and chaos as thousands of anti Chavez demonstrators took to the streets to protest the president's controversial closure of RCTV.

Supporters of the renegade TV station claim CIA sponsored plots against the country's elected government were just a small part of the channels overall content and the majority of its supporters out on the streets claim the government has really closed the station due to them deciding to kill off the popular character of Chico Martinez in the country's longest running and most popular soap "Las putas de la calles"

Chavez was said to be so incensed at RCTV's
decision to kill off the Chico Martinez character that he withdrew to his bed room for four days and refused to eat or even speak to aides until RCTV reinstated the handsome yet reckless womaniser Chico Martinez.

Marcel Granier, the channel's general manager, sensing a weakness in the government's position declared that as long as Venezuela is run for the benefit of its poorest citizens and not American foreign policy and the country's bloated reactionary oligarchy, Chico Martinez will not be returning to the nation's screens.
It was this provocative declaration that seems to have finally pushed the beleaguered President
into the fateful decision to not renew the stations broadcasting license.

Immediately after RCTV's last tear filled broadcast, a new government channel appeared and declared after four hours of martial music and photos of the President that the new channel would be even better than the old one and would be starting its entertainment cavalcade with the new soap opera "El hermoso revolucionario"

The new soap, a story of a young and handsome socialist president fighting against foreign enemies and domestic foes, is said to have been written by someone at the very heart of government and is set to become required viewing for all government employees.
The main character of the new soap, Ugo shavex is said to be a devil may care freedom fighting anti hero with an irresistible love of danger and the company of beautiful women. Whether the new character can replace Chico Martinez in the nation's hearts still remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

Will the adventures of Ugo Shavex ever be aired in Europe? He sounds like a very interesting, fictional character.

Aningeniousname said...

At present there are no concrete plans to air this series in Europe, but there have been persistent rumours that the BBC is thinking of replacing Neighbours with the new show.