Thursday, 24 May 2007

Britain awash with teenage virgins

Whitehall- A leaked government report obtained by News direct has shed some unwelcome light on one of New Labour's most shocking failures. The secret report states that in some deprived areas of Britain there are girls as young as thirteen that have not had full penetrative sex.

The damning report also states that Government schemes to promote early sexual adventuring and teenage pregnancy have been little more than "shambolic and costly failures"
New Labour stormed to power in 1997 promising to build on the conservatives fine record of teenage pregnancy and drug abuse and many in the party will see this latest report as a damning verdict on ten years of failed government policy.

A Whitehall insider who agreed to talk to News direct on the condition of full anonymity told me that although the government had "poured millions into breaking the hymen problem among teenage girls, more and more were choosing to wait and only to consent to sex within committed relationships, thus making a mockery of the Governments "No hymen left behind" initiative."

The total and abject failure of Government policy has been so absolute that on some council estates it has become a rarity to see a Burberry track suited teenager pushing a double buggy and swearing at her kids.
Things are so bad on one estate in the north of England that there are women who have reached thirty and are not yet grandmothers.

One expert on this troubling problem we spoke to declared that limited access to alcohol was one of the main contributing factors, but also blamed the Government for not making penetrative sex mandatory for any girl over fourteen, which after all was one of the main planks of New Labour's 1997 manifesto.

One teenage girl we spoke to even went so far as to say "I've never even seen a cock and I certainly don't want one in me, till I'm at least thirty"
It is indeed a shocking indictment on ten years of New Labour misrule and must surely be one of the first things one eyed prime minister in waiting Gordon Brown must address, before we sink to the sort of levels seen in hell holes such as Sweden and Holland.


paisley said...

they don't have that just say no to drug thing going on , adding further insult to injury do they?????

Aningeniousname said...

Since 1997 Government policy in the drugs arena has been to try to promote all illegal drug abuse as it helps to pay for their illegal wars and has the added advantage of making people so stoned they vote Labour by accident.