Thursday, 10 May 2007

Beckham shows the world his latest tattoo

New York- At a lively press conference in New York's trendy Soho district earlier today, a proud David Beckham showed the world his latest piece of skin art.
David, 48, has been secretly visiting Manny Palladino's New York tattoo parlour for the past three months after meeting the avant garde tattooist at a Manhattan party.

Mr Palladino proudly unveiled his latest master piece to an adoring press pack and declared it as his finest work to date.
Beckham looked slightly shocked at seeing the work for the first time and was heard to whisper to Palladino "Is them fish puffs Manny?"

When asked to explain the work Mr Palladino explained that he never explains his art and any explanation must come directly from the "canvas" as a tattoo is a very personal thing and can only be fully explained by whoever wears it.
An obviously confused Beckham straining to see all Palladino's work in the full length shop mirror said "Well I think its about that little mermaid film innit? I think the kids should like it, they love that film. I don't know why there are two German soldiers spitting at each other though, must be symbolic or something."

Mr Beckham went on to say he wanted to get the new tattoo in celebration of his move to L.A galaxy and also to show the sceptical American public that soccer was not a game for teenage girls and effeminate young boys, but a hard and brutal man's game .
He went on to say that he thought when his new team mates saw his new tattoo they would know he meant business and was not just there to pick up his massive wage packet.

Both Beckham and Palladino refused to comment when asked what the art work had cost and when pushed by curious journalists Palladino would only say "You cant put a price on something like that, just the look on Davids face was enough for me."

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