Saturday, 7 April 2007

Thatcher talks!

London- In an exclusive interview with News direct Britain's finest post war Prime minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher talked candidly about her feelings on the Iraq war and, controversially, the performance of the current occupant of number ten.

The baroness received me cordially into the darkened office of her smart London townhouse and, after offering tea, began to hold forth on world affairs and their obvious mishandling by what the Baroness termed "Twats"
"I had such great hopes for Tony." she said "But he has made such a big mess of everything. I told him subdue your own peasants first, show them who is boss, then you can go bomb a few wogs! But would he listen?"
The Baroness smoothed the papery skin on her frail claw like hand and continued "I would have handled little Georgie much differently he would have been a good boy like uncle Ronnie was or he would have felt the edge of my tongue."
The baroness's eyes seemed to regain some of their old fire as she talked of disciplining the president and one could almost sense some of the old fear she regularly instilled into her vapid cabinet of yes men.

During the Baroness's term of office she was lauded the world over for her fearless crushing of the British unions and the subsequent poverty and misery her careful stewardship of the nation created.
Talking of her achievements the Baroness modestly declared her self to be one of the giants of twentieth century politics and fit only to be compared to the other giants of the century, namely Mao, Stalin and the former leader of Germany Mr Adolf Hitler.
"The trouble with those three is they were not hard enough on the plebs, of course they killed millions, but I always felt it's better to crush a persons hopes and dreams, kill their soul thats the real test of a leader, you need them ground to dust under your heel and then when they are compliant you can work them as hard and for as long as you like."

The Baroness then with a wave of her withered hand indicated the interview was over and two of her hired goons graciously escorted me to the front door and threw me onto the pavement outside the Baroness's lovely home.
Spending time with the Iron lady reminded me of her glory days, a time when Britons were proud to be steadfastly right wing free market bigots and not the bleating set of anti war, anti corporate sheep the current occupant of number ten has seen fit to mould as his legacy.

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